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Our Approach to Discipleship
We aim to keep things simple. The truth is though the journey of discipleship is a cyclical path. There is no perfect approach for everyone. We do, however, need a vision for how to Practice the Way of Jesus, so that we might be transformed into a new creation. This is why we have created our Discipleship Pathway. This is a at-your-own-pace approach, designed to guide you towards that vision of transformation within this community and family we call Coastline Church. It is an invitation to move deeper into spiritual formation and Practicing the Way of Jesus at your own pace.

The Discipleship Path
After you confess Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life, you step into a life of discipleship to Jesus. The discipleship path all Jesus followers are on is often called Spiritual Formation.

Spiritual Formation is the process of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and for the sake of others. At Coastline, our communal guide for Spiritual Formation is found in our Rule of Life.

It is our desire to see you step into a productive life of discipleship led by the Holy Spirit. 

May our Discipleship Pathway be a fruitful guide for you within this community and family we call Coastline Church.

Discipleship Pathway

Where do you even start? Good question. We've linked a few pathways below to help you begin this journey of transformation with us at Coastline Church.


Sunday Mornings
Join us on a Sunday morning at 11am. Learn more about what to expect here.
Worship Nights
Once a quarter we gather to create an environment of expectation where people can have an encounter with the living God and are empowered to worship extravagantly in all of life. Learn more about our next Worship Night here.


Welcome Meal
Once a quarter we gather over a meal with our pastors to learn more about Coastline Church. Register for our next meal here.
The Course
Twice a year we offer an 8-week class called, 'The Course.' The Course is an on-ramp to spiritual formation, exploring what it means to follow Jesus and laying the foundation for a life of apprenticeship to him. Our next class is TBA.


Small Groups
Throughout the year we gather to practice spiritual formation in community. Register for our next sessions here.


Dream Team
At anytime in your discipleship path we invite you to join our Dream Team and serve with us on a Sunday morning! Being a part of the Dream Team is great way to be connected to our community and family at Coastline. Learn more here.
Serve Day
Join us for our monthly opportunity to seek the welfare of our city through community outreach, service, and engagement. This event takes place on the last Saturday of each month. Register for our next event here.