We're Moving

Sunday, July 9th - One Gathering at 10:30am

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This is more important than more space

A few weeks ago I told a small group of people at Coastline that "a full room does not equal a fulfilled mission."

Since launching Coastline Church in September 2019, our efforts to Seek The Welfare of the City has brought attention to the neighborhood of Belltown. We have not only advocated for the Kingdom of God in Seattle, but we have actively been meeting the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of Belltown's residents, contributing to social justice efforts, and adding a voice from the church into the decision making of our local government and community leaders.

As we move into our new home, we believe these efforts will only multiply as we remain attentive and present in the city, and become more of a permanent presence in our neighborhood of Belltown.

Since this process began in November 2022, it has been very clear to our staff, leadership, and board of administration that this new building is God opening a door. We have been trusted with a little as we have gathered inside Cedar & Spokes Coffee  since 2019, and now God is trusting us to steward more.

We invite you to be a significant part of the transition process. Will you join us?

Pastor Brice Sanders

Let's talk finances

Coastline Church is currently in a healthy financial position with this move, but we do need your help! 

We have currently collected $50,000 in funding towards our remodel efforts. Ideally, we'd like to raise an additional $30,000-$50,000 to prepare for ongoing projects and maintenance.

More importantly, we'd need to see our monthly recurring giving increase by $4000-$5000 per month before July 9th in anticipation of increased expenses beginning once we move in.

Here is our ask:
1. If you are currently not giving financially, we invite you to begin very soon
2. If you are currently giving, but not 10% (tithing), we invite you to begin very soon
3. If you are currently giving 10% (tithing), we invite you to consider going to the Holy Spirit in prayer, and ask how you might further be called to be a generous contributor to our Building Fund

FAQ about moving 

  • What is our new address? 2107 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
  • What will be our service time(s)? We will meet at 10:30am through the Summer, and then return to our two service schedule in the Fall. 
  • Why move? 
    • Over the last 4 years Coastline Church has been blessed to have an amazing space to call home inside Cedar & Spokes Coffee & Bar. Since 2022 we've seen our Sunday attendance grow by 134%. We even launched a second service to accommodate our growth! We are now four months through 2023 and our growth has continued! In light of this ongoing growth, we decided in November 2022 to prayerfully search for a new space to accommodate our new needs, and anticipate the growth to come at Coastline Church. In our search we found an opportunity to step into a new space just 3 blocks away from our current location. The space was most recently an old school Italian restaurant, but was originally built in 1910 as a shoe factory for the Army. It has history! The space has been offered to us at a 60% discount compared to the current market rate, so from a financial stand point, and based off how close it is to our current location, it was a clearly a gift from God we could not look away from!
  • How does this new location continue to meet our Vision & Mission as a church?
    • As mentioned above, once we move into our new home, we believe the efforts to Seek The Welfare of the City will only multiply as we remain attentive and present in the city, and become more of a permanent presence in our neighborhood of Belltown. We are taking ground! We believe we have stewarded Elliot Ave, Western Ave, and 1st Ave, and now we have the opportunity to steward 3rd, 4th, and 5th as well. 
  • Where can I park? We have lots of options!
    • Use our Parking Lot next door (security provided) 
    • Park anywhere on the street for free 
    • Just 2 blocks away, park in Amazon's Doppler and One Day parking garages
  • Will we have more space for Kids Programs? Yes! In fact, we will have 3 classrooms for Birth-2, Preschool, and K-5th Grade. Check out our new Kids Page
    • Don't forget to register for our first ever KIDS ADVENTURE BIBLE CAMP taking place in our new building July 31-August 3. Learn more here.
  • Is it safe to do church in Belltown? 
    • Yes it is, and just like every Sunday when you arrive at Coastline, we will continue to have security and safety protocols in place at our main entrance. 

Photos from Building Team Tour